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The Driving Test







You need to be fully prepared for your driving test, that's why it's best to train with a professional driving instructor. (Click here to find a driving instructor near you).

If you use a professional Driving Instructor you will be taught the correct way to drive and they will be a better judge of whether you are ready to take your test.

The driving test will last approximately 40 minutes, it will satrt with meeting the examiner.

Your licence will be checked to see if it is genuine, more infothen you will be asked to sign a declaeration stating that you are the person on the licence and that the car is insured for test purposes, your theory pass certificate will also be checked.. You will then be asked to lead the way to your vehicle.

Documents you must take with you are:
a). Both parts of your licence, the plastic photo part and the green counter part.
b). A valid theory pass certificate.
c).  The cofirmation letter the DSA sent you or a copy of the email they sent you.

Eyesight test
On the way from the test centre to your vehicle you will be asked to read a number plate at a distance of;  20.5 metres for an old style number plate, or 20 metres for the new style number plates. (More info from DSA website).
Show me, tell me
You will be asked two questions about vehicle maitenance before you drive, (click here to view show me tell me questions & answers).
If you get one or both wrong you will receive one driving fault.
The examiner will ask you to enter your car and get your self ready while while he/she takes a look around the vehicle to look for any safety & legal issuesVehicle is taxed, tyres are legal and the car is roadwothy..
The drive
You will be told to follow the road ahead unless signs or road markings or people controlling traffic tell you different, the examiner will direct you in good time where he/she wants you to go.
Test routes are organised to test your ability to deal with many different types of roads/situations.
You will also be asked to complete one manoeuvres, (you could be asked to do more),
Turn in the road,  Left reverse, parallel parking or Bay park.
One in three tests will do emergency stop or controlled stop as the examiners say.
The new test now includes a 10 minute independent drive where you will have to follow sign to get you to a certain area.
You won't fail if you cant follow all the signs, but it is whether you do anything wrong, for example: no signal for turning left at a roundabout.
  Click here to read more about the Driving Test from the driving standards agency website  

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